Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fur baby

I am one of those people, I will confess, who takes their dog to daycare! What, you may say? 

My husband certainly disagrees with this practice! He wonders why we have a dog, and then spend money on having him exercised by someone else! But I counter with all of the positives, he's being socialized with all types, he's getting over eight hours of exercise, and he LOVES it! 

Yes, it is costly, and I generally only bring him in the winter months. I have another confession (shocking, I know) I brought him last week just because he looked sad and a bit depressed. I brought his best friend Bob too, and they had a blast! He came home and slept for the rest of the day and half of the next as well. With all of the rain we have been having he hasn't been getting as much exercise as usual, and I want him to live forever! 

He's my special friend and such a wonderful member of our family, I'll do just about anything to keep him around longer. So while I know there are just as many pet mommies and daddies who spoil their fur babies just as much as I do, there are others shaking their heads. Well, the look on his face was worth it. And this may not tie directly into how I balance my seven facets of health, it does make me happy and bring a huge smile on my face to see my pooch happy and tired. So it lightens my spirits and helps me check one more thing off my to-do list for the day.

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  1. My husband thinks I'm nuts too, but I bring our dogs to daycare in winter when they need a little fun and exercise. They come home happy and tired; I feel like I gave them such a special treat. They'd be regulars at daycare if it wasn't such a debated topic in our house!